Futuristic Sex Robotz - Download Album

Still rocking 10+ years after release! Shoutout to angelfoodcakez / Chunkwolf / Xabanak Fanatik for helping complete the collection

Reformating Your Fucking Face
If you're here looking for literal sex robotz I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you - to be fair you disappoint me, and your parents. If however your here looking to download some bloody awesome nerdcore then you're in the right place. If you wish to hear a song regarding engaging in intercourse with the MPAA & RIAA then Futuristic Sex Robotz have you covered. Maybe you want to hear the story of how a girl got her mother burnt to death? Well what do ya' know our sexy robotz have got that covered also. Long story short download the tracks, listen and en joy. The original Futuristic sex robotz site is long gone. (We are informed the team were murdered by the MPAA , however if our source is correct they did manage to engage in intercourse before their deaths)

Track Listings: Extras: Did I mention we're not official - I don't even know if the FSR are real and not a figment of my imagination? Also feel free to directly link to the files - and all that shit. Basically I'm sticking this up and then leaving it for a couple of years indefinitely. It does not make you cool playing these tracks in your 'banging' sound system in your car really fucking loud at night.